TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Guest agrees to charges and acknowledges having read and understands the management policy on the following pages of this document. Payment of reservation deposit is considered acceptance of all terms regardless of signature status of contract. Guest is responsible for adhering to the rental terms and dates. Any error on Guest’s part is not the responsibility of the Owner. Sub-leasing of your vacation rental is strictly prohibited.

Occupancy: Please adhere to the maximum occupancy rules of each unit (5 persons in unit A, 6 persons in Unit B). The maximum occupancy is set by the city of Holmes Beach rental ordinance and is strictly enforced. Renters may entertain up to 4 daytime guests. No additional guests above and beyond those listed on the reservation are permitted to sleep overnight without prior authorization by the owner. Violations may result in eviction.

PLEASE NOTE: Fines to guests due to strict Anna Maria Island noise ordinance laws can be significant and will be billed to unlawful guests confirmed by local police. Fines can exceed $500 per confirmed violation. Please be sure to abide by our strict no noise ordinance after 10:00pm EST.

Reservation Deposits: A total of 25% down payment is due to secure a reservation. If making a reservation within 90 days of your arrival date, the entire balance is due at the time of reservation.

Final Rental Payments and agreement of terms: The balance of rental fees are due a minimum of 90 days prior to your arrival date and can be paid online or by personal check. Owner reserves the right to cancel your reservation and retain your deposit if your final payment is late beyond 90 days or you have not electronically signed your confirmation in full. Please note, we make a modest effort to contact our guests prior to cancelling but please recognize it is not our responsibility to track down confirmation payments.

Air Conditioning: The HVAC units are remotely monitored. The air conditioning should never be set below 72 Degrees Fahrenheit (22 Degrees Celsius) by the guests. Due to the high temperature and humidity in Florida, setting the thermostat below 72 Degrees F may cause the system to freeze. If this occurs the air conditioning will have to be turned off to allow the unit to thaw. The guest will have no air conditioning during this time and will be responsible for the technician's call-out charges. Please keep all windows and doors closed while AC is running. Using the AC with doors or windows open may also cause freezing of the unit.

Barbeque, Deck and Pool: The guest hereby acknowledges that surrounding areas due to added amenities may provide additional dangers if guests are not careful. With full knowledge of the above facts, the undersigned accepts and assumes all risks involved in or around all amenities provided. The pool heater will be locked and temperature controls on the heater are set to 80 Degrees F (26 C). NOTE: When the ambient temperature falls below 60 degrees F for more than 5 hours, the pool heater may not function and may even switch off. Pool heaters operate ONLY when the pool pump is running. Pool heat is provided as a complimentary amenity therefore no refunds will be provided in the event of pool heater malfunction. Pool will be cleaned once per week. Non-scheduled pool cleaning costs will be the responsibility of the guest. 

If You Must Cancel: Payment of the reservation deposit is considered to be acceptance of cancellation terms regardless of the signature status of the reservation confirmation. A written notice of cancellation is acceptable to refund paid monies if received a minimum of 90 days prior to arrival date. A full refund of deposits paid minus a 5% service charge will be provided for cancellations made prior to 90 days of arrival date. Notices not received within this time frame will forfeit all paid monies. No refunds will be given due to inclement weather or any other natural weather forces, failure to arrive or early departure for any reason. NOTE: Travel insurance is available through outside vendors.

Arrival: Check-in is available any time after 4 pm. A keypad code will be assigned to you and sent via email approximately 1 week prior to check-in.

Parking: This a duplex and the driveway provides two parking space per reservation. There is a graveled space on either side of the driveway which can be used for additional cars, however, these spaces are on public property and can be used by beach goers. We advise our guests to leave a car in the graveled space during the day and use the car that is parking in the driveway to make day trips.

Non-Refundable Damage Deposit Waiver: This Damage Deposit Waiver is retained by Owner and does not guard the guest from all damage made to the rental property. The DDW only waives the guest from making a traditional security deposit of $500 prior to arrival. The guest maintains liability for but not limited to, lost keys, lost remote controls, excessive cleaning, smoking damage (THIS IS A NON-SMOKING PROPERTY), pet damage (THIS IS A NO PETS PROPERTY), and any damage to the interior or exterior of the property in excess of $500. 

Please Note: If damage is found, our property managers will call with details. Any items missing from the unit shall be charged directly to the guest. Our property managers will make a courtesy call to discuss any charges beyond those agreed to on your reservation. Please ensure all doors and windows are closed as well as locked upon departure. Guest maintains liability for non-secure windows, doors, etc for 24 hours after departure. If police are called due to noise disturbances during your stay, guest will be responsible for any fines levied for the disturbance. Please no open flames inside the property.

Failure of Equipment/Conditions: In the rare event of failure of equipment to work, please notify our property managers first so repairs can be made. Guest expressly waives and relinquishes any rights or claims against owner or property managers for any damage that may result to guest from lack of maintenance, cleanliness, repair, defect including owners or property managers for ordinary negligence.

Eviction Issues: Please remember all guests must adhere to the No Smoking, No Pets, City Noise, Parking ordinances and Over Occupancy Rules which you have agreed to. Smoking in the unit, having a pet, parking, noise violations, and more than the agreed upon guests residing in our rental property WILL result in immediate eviction with no refund.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to relocate a guest to an alternate property of similar quality for whatever reason. If guest disagrees with the relocation, our property managers will cancel reservation and will reimburse all applicable funds paid for said rental. Owner and property managers take zero responsibility for stolen personal items in the rare case of theft or vandalism.

Legal: Guest agrees that any action arising out of, or relating to, this agreement shall be governed by Florida law and jurisdiction for any judicial proceeding concerning, or arising from this agreement, shall exclusively lie in Manatee County, Florida. Further, should any dispute, judicial or otherwise, arise concerning this agreement the prevailing party shall be entitled to its attorney’s fees and costs. Prevailing party shall be determined by the presiding judge. The parties waive their right to a jury trial.

Surveillance: There is an external video camera which monitors the driveway and side entrances to the home. This camera is in place to monitor the property for any potential trespassing and to prevent theft. There are NO internal cameras or cameras in any outdoor congregation areas.

Waiver of Liability and Damages: Guest, inclusive of minors who are family members of Guest, willingly accepts all risk of personal injury, death, and property damage which results from using and occupying the subject premises. Guest specifically waives all possible claims for liability and damages against the Owner(s) of the subject premises and against our property managers, arising from the Guest’s use of the subject premises. As to invitees of Guest, it agrees to indemnify and hold the Owner and their property managers harmless from any claims made by the Guest’s invitees, arising from their use of the subject premises. In addition, Guest will take full fiscal responsibility if invitee does not indemnify and hold Owner and their property managers harmless.

Check in Time is 4:00pm on day of arrival.

Check out time is prior to 10am on day of departure.

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